21 weeks pregnant: Start of the second half of pregnancy journey

The little angel is now 21 weeks old. The bond between you and your baby is growing stronger. Capturing the baby's characteristics during the 21st week of pregnancy is essential for mothers to take care of and provide appropriate nutrition.


1. The development of the fetus week 21

1.1. Shape

Baby is still growing up day by day. By this 6 month, your baby may have weighed up to 0.35 - 0.4 kg already. The baby is about 25 cm long and is becoming more and more like a newborn baby. The 21-week fetus is no longer growing at a dizzying rate like the previous stages, but it is still in the threshold of rapid development. The completion of various organs in the body is an important task of the fetus at this stage.

21 weeks pregnant: Start of the second half of pregnancy journey

The 21-week fetus has a shape similar to a newborn baby

1.2. Digestive

Your baby's digestive system is still being gradually perfected to prepare for life outside. Therefore, the amount of meconium increased significantly this week. At 21 weeks, your baby has started swallowing amniotic fluid. Your baby's intestines are developed enough to absorb the small amounts of sugars in the liquid.

The amount of sugar passing through the digestive system plays a small part in providing nutrition to the baby. Most nutrients for the fetus are provided through the placenta and umbilical cord.

1.3. Hematopoietic system

By this time, your baby's liver and spleen have almost completed their role in producing blood cells. Since then, the bone marrow has gradually matured to replace the role of the liver and spleen in blood cell formation. By the third trimester and throughout the postpartum period, the bone marrow will become the main organ of blood cell production. The spleen stops producing blood cells at 30 weeks of pregnancy . The liver will also finish this task a few weeks before birth.

1.4. Face

At this time, the baby's ears are fully functional, allowing the fetus to hear almost all sounds outside the uterus. Your baby will react if there is a sudden loud noise. When the fetus is 21 weeks old, even with its eyes closed, the baby can still distinguish between light and dark. Lips, eyelids and eyebrows become more defined. Even tiny tooth buds beneath the gums have begun to form.

2. Mother's changes during pregnancy week 21

2.1. 21 week pregnant belly

The mother's belly continues to grow day by day. Until this June, it's almost impossible to hide your belly bloat anymore. In the 21st week of pregnancy, a woman's weight usually increases by about 4.5 - 6.3 kg.

>> Pregnant women need to control weight gain during pregnancy to avoid unwanted risks. Learn more: How to gain weight during pregnancy properly?

2.2. Endocrine system

During pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone are slightly higher than estrogen. This month, estrogen levels are increasing rapidly and will catch up with progesterone by week 22. At the same time, the mother's skin produces more oil, creating conditions for acne to visit. In this case, you need to wash the acne area with mild soap or cleanser, twice a day. Do not arbitrarily use any acne medication or cream.

Please consult your doctor because many chemicals and drugs will affect the fetus. Hormonal changes are also the reason why pregnant women are prone to varicose veins during pregnancy.

2.3. Pregnant machine

This week your baby can move all the muscles. Even the baby can do a lot of different movements. Therefore, the fetus is becoming more and more obvious. At 21 weeks pregnant, the little angel's kicks are much stronger than the "butterfly" feeling in the womb last month. Therefore, do not worry if at 20 weeks, the pregnant mother's belly is still quiet.

Through the new month, it is likely that you will burst with happiness when you feel the exciting nudges of your baby kicking your mother's belly. Invite your father to rub his hand on the mother's belly to listen to the baby kick. Your husband will be overjoyed.

21 weeks pregnant: Start of the second half of pregnancy journey

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, you should listen to soothing music with your baby

3. Tips for pregnant women at 21 weeks of pregnancy

3.1. Nutrition

You should not drink tea or coffee. The reason is because it will limit the absorption and secretion of stomach acid. Instead, you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Besides, you need to add less sweet fruits such as oranges, coconut water ... Don't forget to continue to add iron to your body! Without iron, the mother's body will have difficulty producing red blood cells, leading to anemia. Remember, you need at least 30 mg of iron every day. Mothers should also eat a lot of green vegetables to supplement the vitamin B needed by the body.

3.2. Skin Care

Pregnant women should use moisturizers or makeup that are free of oils and irritants for the skin. Do not take any acne medication by mouth or only by prescription. Always remember, some medications can be dangerous to an unborn baby.

Additionally, you may begin to notice stretch marks on your belly as the skin on your belly stretches to adjust to your growing baby's size. Anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women can start to be used.

21 weeks pregnant: Start of the second half of pregnancy journey

Stretch marks begin to appear

3.3. Prepare emotionally for pregnant mother and family

It is no longer too early to start getting ready for the arrival of a little angel. Plan everything from thinking about naming to budgeting for the baby or what needs to be bought. All of this takes more work than you might imagine.

Time goes by very quickly when a mother has babies and nurtures them. Before that time is over, save the mother's pregnancy for the next generation by preserving the ultrasound images. That memory when looking back will be great. Parents should also talk to their children often, let them listen to instrumental music or soft music to stimulate the baby's thinking development.

4. Exercise for this month

4.1. Pelvic exercise with ball

This simple exercise is a safe way to strengthen your abs during pregnancy.

1. Sit on the floor. Your back rests on the exercise ball. Your feet are on the floor. Two arms on either side. Butt does not touch the floor.

2. Push your back a little higher. Hold for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position.

3. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

21 weeks pregnant: Start of the second half of pregnancy journey

Illustrated exercises for pregnant women

4.2. Kegel exercises

Kegels are exercises that help strengthen the muscle groups that cover and support the pelvic organs. Do them at least 2 times a day, with 4-5 sets/time. You can start with a 10-second timeline for tightening your pelvic floor muscles and increase it by 1 second each week to increase the effectiveness of your workout.

  • Tighten the pelvic muscles.
  • Hold the tight position for 10 seconds.
  • Relax back to normal.

Mom having trouble with Kegel? Think of the benefit of this method as it helps the mother to have better control of her body during pregnancy and the baby will be born more smoothly. That way, mom will have the motivation to happily practice every day.

The period of 21 weeks of pregnancy is quite an interesting period for pregnant women. The belly isn't too big yet and the usual discomforts of early pregnancy on most body parts are gone. Although there have been many changes, don't worry too much, enjoy this period well. Only when the mind is always at ease, will the mother be healthy enough to enjoy the joy of pregnancy.