Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

Week 7 pregnancy is one of the early stages of the first trimester. Therefore, pregnant women should not be subjective but should pay attention to the instructions of the doctor. The goal is for the fetus to settle down through the middle trimester. So how is the development of the fetus during this time? How does the mother's body change? All will be answered by SignsSymptomsList through the following article.


Week 7 of pregnancy: The golden period of the first trimester

When pregnant women are 7 weeks pregnant , they should be well prepared for pregnancy. Because this is one of those difficult times that a mother has to try to get through. During this time, morning sickness will often appear, making pregnant women feel tired.

Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

Pregnant women 7 weeks pregnant

To prepare well for the 8th week of pregnancy (the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy), the mother should pay more attention to her health. Obstetrician's advice should be followed. At the same time, do not arbitrarily use drugs or functional foods without the consent of the doctor,

At this time, pregnant women will gradually feel more clearly the presence of the baby in the belly. Therefore, some strange feelings during pregnancy will have a certain effect on the mother's emotions and mood.

Fetal development

When the mother is 7 weeks pregnant, the baby has more marked development. Your baby's hands and feet will form webbed fingers. The end of the coccyx (tailbone) will gradually shrink and disappear over the next few weeks.

The baby's nerve cells continue to develop, forming the primary nervous system. The internal organs in the body also begin to develop. The baby's breathing tube has formed, extending from the neck to the small branches of the lungs.

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Your baby's kidneys are also in place and ready to begin the process of processing waste in the body. Before long, your baby will start producing urine. Fortunately, you don't need diapers for your baby at the moment.

Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

7 weeks old fetus

The size of the fetus during this time has become larger. Scientists liken the fetus at this time to the shape of a raspberry. Fetal size ranges from 1 to 1.5 cm (mean 1.3 cm). The fetal heart appears and the doctor will be able to see the heartbeat of the fetus through ultrasound.

Changes in a mother's body at 7 weeks pregnant

Although at 7 weeks pregnant , the uterus has not expanded to the extent that you can feel it. However, the blood vessels in the chest area and legs were more prominent. Along with that, you will be very susceptible to pain, fatigue and numbness in your legs if you maintain it for a long time in a standing position.

The weight of the mother will increase slightly more than a few hundred grams to several kilograms. Your clothes also seem tighter. Therefore, at this time you should wear loose and loose clothes to feel comfortable, not constrained and cramped.

The breasts will be a little more developed, the areolas will be darker, and there will be particles floating around. These seeds, called Montgomery seeds, work to help prepare the nipples for milk production after the baby is born.

Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

Montgomery seeds on the nipples

What is the 7th week pregnancy sign? One of the signs that pregnant women can pay attention to is the condition that the mucus secreted from the genitals when the mother is 7 weeks pregnant is  also more than before. The female sex hormones secreted more and more powerful. They facilitate the body to adapt to the presence of the fetus in the abdomen. It also helps to nourish the baby better.

Expert advice for pregnant women in the 7th week of pregnancy

This is the time when pregnant mothers need to actively prepare for the fetus to enter a more stable stage. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your body. Attention should be paid to both health and nutrition as well as rest and psychology.

Things that pregnant women should do at 7 weeks pregnant

  • What should you eat at 7 weeks pregnant ? Increase iron supplementation for both the fetus and the mother. Iron-rich foods such as beef, lean meat, gac fruit, beets, dark green vegetables, etc.
  • Supplement with folic acid to stimulate the child's nervous system to develop better. Foods rich in folic acid such as peanuts, sunflowers, almonds, citrus fruits, etc. Or even folic acid tablets (0.4 mg per day).
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy. At the same time, you should limit eating foods with fishy odors such as fish, shrimp, seafood... Because it is easier to make you more nauseous.
  • Drink enough water every day to prevent constipation during pregnancy . The amount of water that needs to be added is 1.5 liters to 2.5 liters daily.
  • Eat healthy, cooked foods for the health of mother and baby.
  • Maintain a daily light exercise routine such as yoga, walking.

Things that pregnant women should avoid

  • Stay up late.
  • Psychological stress, stress, anxiety.
  • Drink alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoke.
  • Hair dying.
  • Eat hot and spicy foods such as chili, mustard, hot and sour hot pot... Because they stimulate stomach ulcers. It also aggravates the symptoms of morning sickness.
  • Arbitrarily taking drugs, especially antibiotics, without the consent of a specialist.
  • Working hard, running and jumping a lot, doing heavy physical exercises, etc.
  • Drinking a lot of carbonated soft drinks also easily makes you full of stomach, vomiting more.

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Notes on health issues

Pregnant women 7 weeks pregnant need to pay attention to the following health issues:

  • Have a proper diet and rest. It is best to eat a nutritious diet, divided into small meals throughout the day.
  • Routine antenatal check-up if you have not been examined before.
  • Keep the genitals clean to limit infection to the fetus.
  • Limit sex during this period because the fetus is not really stable.
  • Increase calcium supplements from milk or oral medications under the guidance of a specialist.
  • You should also have a blood test to see if you have anemia. At the same time, you should have a gynecological examination or a transvaginal ultrasound to monitor the development of the embryo.

Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

Pay attention to regular antenatal check-ups to monitor the health of mother and baby

Common diseases during 7 weeks of pregnancy

During the 7th week of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to their health and should seek medical advice when the following conditions occur:

  • Sleep disorders , psychological disorders, emotions.
  • Fatigue, easy muscle aches, especially the lower extremities.
  • Infection of the genital organs if not cleaned well.
  • Digestive disorders: Flatulence, indigestion.
  • Constipation.
  • Urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, urinary tract infection.
  • Infection with viruses such as: Chickenpox , measles, flu, adenovirus, ... if not vaccinated before pregnancy.
  • Nervous system disorders such as: palpitations, arrhythmia, hyperthermia.
  • Ease of whole body anemia. If cerebral ischemia will cause symptoms such as: lightheadedness, dizziness, lightheadedness, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping ...
  • Postural hypotension.
  • Lack of electrolytes such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium... That will lead to symptoms such as: Cramping, bloating, fatigue, nausea, psychological stress...

Week 7 pregnancy: Important milestones and notes for pregnant women

Women 7 weeks pregnant can be anemic

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Hopefully with the information that the article provides, readers will have a better understanding of what the 7th week of pregnancy is like. Thereby, women who are pregnant or about to become pregnant will feel more secure. You will be well prepared for a healthy pregnancy. At the same time limit the common diseases during pregnancy.