Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that occurs in the scalp area. This disease is caused by many factors that interact with each other. The manifestation of the disease is the appearance of red patches on the scalp, on the surface of these red patches there are white scales like candles (candles) so it is also called psoriasis. 

One of the ways to help control scalp psoriasis is to choose shampoos containing special ingredients. In this article SignsSymptomsList will provide information about shampoos that can be used for people with scalp psoriasis.


1. Uses of shampoo to treat scalp psoriasis

The effectiveness of psoriasis treatment shampoo is due to the ingredients it contains. Ingredients like coal tar and coconut oil provide moisture and help relieve itching. In addition, salicylic acid helps soften thick scaly patches on the scalp. Meanwhile, clobetasol propionate helps reduce inflammation strongly in severe cases of psoriasis.

A shampoo may contain only one ingredient or a combination of several ingredients. But note that shampoo is used to treat scales on the scalp, not to clean the hair. Therefore, you should use more regular shampoo to help clean your hair after using a special shampoo for psoriasis.

Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

Dermatologists also recommend changing shampoos regularly. Because they will gradually decrease in effectiveness after a period of use. Therefore, it is necessary to change to a new type to maintain the treatment results.

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2. Shampoos containing coal tar (coal tar)

Coal tar is a thick, black solution that helps reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Using a shampoo containing coal tar helps to control the red, itchy, or scaly scalp.

However, coal tar can cause many unwanted effects. Some users experience dermatitis on their fingers after coming into contact with the shampoo. Manifestations of poisoning when using coal tar are nausea, vomiting and black urine. In particular, coal tar also increases the risk of developing certain cancers such as skin cancer. See also:  Warning signs of skin cancer.

Since coal tar is a relatively potent ingredient, it should not be used by young children. In addition, after using coal tar, it is necessary to protect the scalp from sunlight so as not to damage the skin.

Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

3. Shampoos containing salicylic acid

Sometimes the scaly patches on the scalp are very thick, which makes it difficult for the medicine to penetrate the scalp and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Salicylic acid works to help reduce the cohesion of horny cells together. As a result, the topical medication will penetrate more into the scalp. In addition, salicylic acid helps soften the scales and make them easier to peel off.

However, a small number of people who use shampoos containing salicylic acid experience skin irritation. The higher the concentration of salicylic acid, the more likely it is to cause irritation and it can also cause hair loss.

Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

4. Shampoo containing clobetasol propionate

Clobetasol propionate is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is often prescribed by doctors when other shampoos have proved less effective. Shampoos containing clobetasol propionate help reduce redness, reduce swelling and reduce flaking.

When starting to use shampoo containing clobetasol propionate, users should use it continuously every day for 4 weeks. After the symptoms are under control, use only once a week to maintain the effect.

Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

5. Use the right shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

Choose a shampoo that contains the above ingredients to help control scalp psoriasis. Besides, using it correctly will help ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. The notes when using shampoo to treat scalp psoriasis are:

  • Take an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hands, gently apply on the scalp and leave it for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • Do not rub or scratch the scalp vigorously with your nails.
  • If you feel that any shampoo is not effective after 8 weeks of use, you should change to another shampoo.
  • You need to carefully read the instructions for use of each shampoo before using. 

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  • For mild scabs, just use shampoo twice a week.
  • In the case of severe scales, more and more frequent applications are needed. You should follow the instructions of your dermatologist.
  • After using the special shampoo, it is necessary to use more normal shampoo to clean the hair.
  • When the symptoms of scalp psoriasis are relieved, you continue to use the special shampoo every 2-3 weeks to maintain the effect.

Shampoo for people with scalp psoriasis

6. Conclusion

Choosing the right shampoo and using it correctly will help control scalp psoriasis. So please choose a suitable product for yourself. At the same time, use it in the right way that SignsSymptomsList presents to achieve the effect!

Doctor Vo Thi Ngoc Hien