Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Drugs are addictive substances of natural or man-made origin. When introduced into the human body in any form, drugs alter the mood, consciousness, and behavior of the person using it. There are now many different types of drugs used in more sophisticated forms. Let's find out with SignsSymptomsList through the following article!


1. Ketamine

1.1. Definition and form of existence

Ketamine abbreviated as Ke, is a dissociative anesthetic (freeze of sensory perception) approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has been prescribed in the United States since the 1970s for human and veterinary use.

Ketamine is used by anesthesiologists to initiate and maintain anesthesia during surgery. The goal is to put the patient to sleep to avoid pain and discomfort. Besides, Ketamine is also used to treat chronic pain.

In addition, Ketamine is also considered a recreational drug because of its "high" nature very quickly. The "flying" world often calls Ketamine abbreviated as "Ke". Ketamine is available in the form of liquid, crystalline powder, tablets, capsules dissolved in water and alcohol.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

An addict is taking ketamine by inhalation.

1.2. Impact on the body

  • Selectively cut off convergence pathways in the brain, helping to calm nerves.
  • Low doses have an analgesic effect when interacting with opioids.
  • Dilates the bronchi.
  • Stimulates the cardiovascular system causing an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

When used as an addictive substance, ketamine has the ability to cause hallucinations, paranoia, strong agitation, etc. No pain, visual disturbances, taste sensations, and touch changes. distortion change. Some cases are disoriented in space and time, unable to control their own behavior, etc.

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2. Drugs "fun country"

2.1. Definition and form of existence

The drug "happy country" originates from China, consisting of a number of popular synthetic drugs today. Including ingredients Methamphetamine, Ketamine ... and exists in liquid form, contained in small bottles of about 10-15ml.

2.2. Impact on the body

When used, subjects often mixed with carbonated water in a certain ratio and then drank directly into the body. This drug will give users a feeling of euphoria and long-lasting happiness, especially when combined with listening to strong music. When used a lot, it will cause inhibition of the respiratory and motor nerve centers, dystonia, confusion, convulsions, coma, which can lead to death.

Synthetic drugs disguised as "fun water", printed with fake labels of famous brands.

3. Drugs "bath salt"

3.1. Definition and form of existence

"Bath salt" is the nickname for a drug with the chemical name mephedrone and cathinone extracted from the Thich plant. This plant is also known scientifically as Catha edulis.

Bath salts have a white crystalline shape, but the grains are larger and less transparent than stones. It is usually administered by burning or inhalation.

3.2. Impact on the body

Using "bath salt" will feel hot, burning, heart palpitations, hallucinations, paranoia. Ease into uncontrollable violent actions, attacking yourself or others.

"Bath salt" does not test positive for the rapid drug detection tests available in Vietnam. Therefore, this will be a challenge for the current drug prevention work.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Drugs are widely sold under the guise of "bath salt".

4. Thirst leaves (Paradise leaves)

4.1. Definition and form of existence

Leaves are grown in many countries in Africa and the southern Arabian peninsula, the leaves are like green tea leaves, with a pleasant aroma. People chew the thirst leaves like chewing betel nut in Vietnam or dry them, make them like tea or coffee, or wrap them into cigarettes to smoke.

Khat leaves contain Cathinone, which is a very toxic drug in List I - Decree 82-2013-ND-CP. They have the same effect as amphetamines.

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4.2. Impact on the body

Thirst leaves are prepared into cathinone when combined with amphetamine will produce flakka (α-PVP). This is a synthetic drug that is said to be 500 times stronger than cocaine. Flakka, Spanish for "beautiful woman" comes from China. After use will give a feeling of euphoria, appear violent behavior and have a feeling of vitality. This is a highly toxic drug that not only causes hallucinations but also has the potential to cause cancer.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Thirst leaves are 500 times stronger than narcotics.

5. Cannabis lollipop

5.1. Definition and form of existence

“Marijuana lollipop” is a type of drug that creates a stimulant virtual sensation. This candy ingredient contains cannabis essential oil (Cannabis essensal oil) and cannabis seed powder. They are produced, bought, sold, used abroad and imported into Vietnam in the form of "hand-carried goods".

5.2. Impact on the body

Candies containing marijuana make users feel excited and dreamy, but if they use a lot, they will become addicted. Long-term use of cannabis will cause damage to brain cells. That makes the nervous system depressed, cognitive disorders, inability to concentrate. In addition, leading to memory disorders, even hallucinations will appear.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Cannabis candy is also known as cannabis candy.

6. Fentanyl pain reliever

6.1. Definition and form of existence

Fentanyl was originally used as a medical anesthetic. They have ingredients listed on the banned list, because the danger is no different from drugs. Fentanyl is said to be up to 50 times stronger than heroine and 100 times stronger than morphine, hence the name "zombie drug".

6.2. Impact on the body

Non-therapeutic use of Fentanyl and its analogues can have serious health consequences. Tolerance and dependence levels for these substances increase rapidly and can reach appallingly high thresholds. The most dangerous is the death from overdose caused by the state of respiratory depression. This is a common side effect of opioids.

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In addition, due to the chemical composition, the preparation of fentanyl is faster and cheaper than drugs, but the profit is 10 times higher. Therefore, not only drug traffickers, but also doctors also find ways to smuggle drugs to the black market to sell.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

The painkiller Fentanyl is used as another form of narcotic.

7. Kratom . Functional Food

7.1. Definition and form of existence

Kratom is a tropical plant leaf used worldwide as a pain reliever. Kratom can be used in the form of whole leaves, powdered packaging, extracts or latex (gum) as functional foods to create excitement, comfort ... like drinking coffee.

7.2. Impact on the body

Kratom acts like opiates:

  • In low doses (10 grams): kratom induces feelings of euphoria, vivacity, and dynamism in conversation and social behavior.
  • In higher doses (20 – 50 grams): it can produce a feeling of sedation, comfort, and pain relief.

Because of its legal status, many people use kratom to ease withdrawal symptoms. However, now in the US there are many people turning into addiction and relapse into kratom addiction. Long-term use of kratom can cause loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia, dark skin, constipation. Some people taking kratom develop toxic hepatitis, mental confusion.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Kratom – an addictive substance disguised as a functional food.

8. Ecstasy

8.1. Definition and form of existence

“Ecstasy” also known as Ecstasy, is a synthetic drug MDMA (MethyleneDioxyl-MethamphetAmine). This is a toxic nerve stimulant that, when put into the human body, stimulates the person to want to dance. It causes frenzied "shaking" (often with intense music and lighting). The drug is produced in the form of tablets, capsules, white or colored powder.

Ecstasy has many types, the price corresponds to the concentration and dose of Ecstasy contained in the ecstasy pill. It has many names such as "Red Slate", "Queen", "Crazy Pearl", Adam, Eve, Love, Ice, All Indians, Black Sesame, Rocket, Angel... the price ranges from 50,000 VND to 350,000 VND. copper/tablet.

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8.2. Impact on the body

Causing hallucinogens distorts human perception, often being agitated, paranoid, hallucinating, unable to control behavior and disrupted living time. Many patients shouted, cursed, asked for cold water in cold weather, covered with blankets in hot weather, put their hands in the fire… did not recognize their biological parents, thinking that the enemy was preparing to kill them.

Long-term use will lead to hearing loss (deafness), memory loss, insomnia, worse, neurological disease (psychiatric)... Currently in the world and in Vietnam, there is no specific treatment regimen. .

When used, the risk of group sex is very high leading to an increase in HIV transmission.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Ecstasy (ecstasy) in all types and colors.

9. Drugs "sea water"

9.1. Definition and form of existence

The drug "sea water" is the way people call it Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB). In the world, GHB is called a "rape drug" or a "club drug". In Vietnam, it is known as "sea water" or "Vitamin G". In the past, this compound was often used to clean electronic circuits. It is in the form of an odorless, slightly salty solution that, when concentrated, becomes a white powder.

9.2. Impact on the body

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), when absorbed into the body, GHB creates a feeling of euphoria. In addition, it also helps to relax muscles, increase sex drive and support sedation. However, side effects are loss of consciousness, vomiting, hallucinations and, ultimately, temporary paralysis. In particular, when using many nervous system disorders, reducing heart rate, respiratory system, nausea, dizziness, memory loss... Even convulsions, death if shocked.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Sea water drugs are also known as "rape drugs" or "club drugs".

10. Drug stamps

10.1. Definition and form of existence

Under the beautiful name, paper stamps are also known as tongue charms. They are essentially pieces of paper impregnated with the hallucinogen LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide). This is a semi-synthetic substance extracted from ergot mushrooms. It reappeared recently after a long time (since the late 1970s) was out of production. This is the most powerful hallucinogen to date, only a few dozen mcg can cause hallucinations, so it is considered the most dangerous drug.

From the outside, “Paper Stamps” is a piece of paper stamped with a size of 1.5×1.5 cm, in a piece of cardboard there are about 25 paper stamps. On the cover are pictures of characters like Einstein or famous singers. Like a children's play board. The price of each piece of this stamp is only about 20,000 VND.

Revealing the truth about dangerous drugs

Paper stamps – New drugs destroy young people.

10.2. Impact on the body

About how to use paper stamps is very simple, just lick like paper or stick on the tongue. However, LSD works very quickly, after only 5 minutes of licking, the user has a feeling. LSD causes psychosis very quickly, repeated use will cause mental and physical dependence.

When there is no, the user falls into a state of depression, fatigue, expression of intense desire to use. However, they often have a lethargic state, sleep a lot, but do not show it clearly in actions like taking drugs.

SignsSymptomsList hopes the above information has helped you have a more general view of drugs. The article is not intended as a guide or to incite the use of addictive substances. Stay tuned for the next articles of SignsSymptomsList to answer your health questions!