Sperm clots and what you should know

Semen or sperm clots are sperm-related abnormalities common in men. This disease not only reflects the reproductive health of men, but it also affects the quality of life as well as the ability to conceive. However, the disease is not life-threatening and you can completely prevent it. Let's learn with SignsSymptomsList about clumped semen through the article below.


What is semen clumping?

Semen is a viscous liquid containing a lot of sperm. Sperm are produced in the testes and perform their function to fertilize an egg.

Semen clumping is the phenomenon of semen clumps into small clumps, many sediments and often have an abnormal color. The smell of clumped semen can also appear foul, fishy ...

Normally, semen has a slightly ivory white color with a characteristic viscous form. Semen will be liquefied after about 15-20 minutes in the air. If the semen does not completely liquefy, it is called frozen sperm.

To the naked eye, some types of clumped sperm can be seen, including:

  • Sperm clumps like jelly.
  • Yellow clumps of sperm.
  • Sperm lumps brown.
  • Sperm clumps like a grain of rice.

Sperm clots and what you should know

The image of semen contains small, tiny particles like rice grains

Signs of sperm clumping?

Each different location will have different signs of clumping sperm . Moreover, signs of sperm clot also depend on the cause of the disease. Men who experience clumped semen are often very recognizable. Because the signs of the disease are often obvious and can be observed with the naked eye. Typical signs of clumping sperm include:

  • The semen appears as many small lumps. They are about the size of a grain of rice or mixed with tiny particles.
  • Dark yellow, brown, or reddish semen.
  • Semen has a fishy, ​​foul smell, and the fluid has strings.
  • Painful urination, difficulty urinating.

However, some people may confuse clumped semen with solidified semen. Although they share some of the same symptoms, these are two completely different conditions. Some of the differences between these two diseases are:

  Clumped semen Condensed semen
Basic signs
  • Many white particles, as small as rice grains, are found to be smooth in semen.
  • Viscosity of semen is normal.
  • Semen does not liquefy or only partially liquefies after 60 minutes.
  • High viscosity of semen
Danger level Reduced sperm motility or even sperm death. Sperm have difficulty moving into the uterus to fertilize.
Sex life
  • There is still desire and excitement during sex.
  • Normal ejaculation.
  • Reduced desire.
  • Ejaculation is often painful.

When you discover that you have the above abnormal signs, you need to go to reputable medical facilities to be examined and do the necessary tests to accurately diagnose the disease.

What Causes Sperm Clumping?

The cause of clumping semen is explained by the following mechanism: the male genital organs such as the prostate gland, the bulbar gland - the urethra... When sperm is secreted normally, the semen will have a sticky consistency. certain.

If these genitals are infected, it will cause the components in semen such as sperm, white blood cells, epithelium to combine together in groups, causing the phenomenon of semen clumping. in men. Some of the causes of semen clots in men can be mentioned as follows:

Pathological causes

Male inflammatory diseases are one of the causes of semen clumping. When sperm passes through these diseased organs, they can die. From there, sperm remains in these organs, causing inflammation or chemical reactions, forming small smooth lumps.

Some common illnesses are:

  • Inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Inflammation of the vas deferens.

Sperm clots and what you should know

Prostatitis can cause semen to clot

Environmental causes

Due to unscientific, irregular and reasonable living habits, testicles heat up. This changes the semen environment. Substances in semen combine to form small particles called sperm clumps .

Due to lifestyle and habits

Research shows that the phenomenon of sperm clumping can originate from a number of physiological causes such as:

  • Men have not ejaculated for a long time. This is a common physiological problem in people who ejaculate for the first time. Semen will return to normal after a few consecutive ejaculations.
  • Excessive masturbation.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Psychological disorders, prolonged stress.
  • Inappropriate lifestyle.

Treatment of clumped semen

Doctors will base on the cause and extent of the disease to come up with an appropriate treatment plan. There are many effective ways to cure sperm clots if men are proactive in examining and treating them early. Treatment methods for sperm clots include:

Drug treatment

In case of an inflammatory disease of the genital tract, the doctor will prescribe pain reliever, anti-inflammatory…. The goal is to remove the pathogen and heal the injury.

In addition, the doctor will also prescribe some drugs that have a balancing effect, stabilizing hormones. Thereby helping to improve and improve the quality of life.

Patients can also use more Eastern medicine after Western medicine. The purpose is to help quickly restore health, tonify kidney, yang, and enhance physiological function. However, there are many drugs on the market today and you should not use them on your own without a prescription from a specialist.

Treatment at home

In addition to using medications according to the correct treatment regimen, your doctor will also recommend using home treatments. These methods help support treatment and improve quality of life. Eg:

  • Build a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Healthy sex.
  • Adhere to the treatment regimen of the causative agent.

How to prevent sperm clumping?

The old saying "prevention is better than cure" is true. Sperm clot is a completely preventable condition. By:

Build a healthy diet

To improve sperm quality and prevent clumping, men should pay attention to their daily meals with the following useful foods:

  • Bean sprouts: Bean sprouts contain a lot of zinc, vitamin C and antioxidants to help prevent sperm from clumping and increase fertility in men.
  • Honey: Men who regularly use 2 tablespoons of honey before sleeping for a long time will help keep sperm healthy and avoid clumping.
  • Seafood: Clams, blood cockles, sea oysters contain a large amount of zinc and abundant amino acids, help increase Testosterone, promote the production of quality sperm.
  • Blueberries: The quercetin found in blueberries increases sperm motility and quality.

In addition, men should limit stimulants and alcohol to improve physiological function.

Sperm clots and what you should know

Building a scientific diet can improve sperm quality

Exercise regularly

Every day, spending at least 30 minutes of exercise is a useful method to help you improve sperm quality.

Besides, you should go to bed early and sleep for 8 hours a night to have healthy sperm.

In addition, men should know how to manage stress and pressure to maintain sperm health.

Healthy sexual activity

Men's sexual ability can be kept until 70-80 years old if they are active in science. Research shows that having sex 3 times a week is reasonable. At the same time, men need to practice regular ejaculation habits, moderate sex, and avoid injuries to the genitals.

Sperm clots not only affect the physiological health of men, but also reduce the ability to conceive. Symptoms of the disease can be confused with sperm coagulation. Therefore, when detecting abnormalities, you should quickly see a doctor for early identification. The treatment of sperm clots requires the patient to approach the right method and have patience to follow the treatment protocol. Patients should not arbitrarily quit or buy drugs for treatment to avoid unnecessary dangerous complications.