How to correct and safe acupressure treatment for gout

Gout is a medical condition consisting of several periods of recurrent arthritis, corresponding to the presence of urate crystals in the joint fluid. The disease causes pain, discomfort and severely affects the patient's quality of life. During an exacerbation of the disease, treatment is directed at the use of medication to control the patient's pain. However, when the acute phase is over, non-drug methods are combined into treatment to bring high efficiency. In it, must mention the method of acupressure to treat gout. We invite you to learn about this method with traditional medicine doctor Nguyen Thi Le Quyen in the article below.


Gout from the perspective of traditional medicine

According to Traditional Medicine, gout is also known as gout. The disease is in the category of the Rat (swelling, pain, numbness, heavy fatigue).

The cause of the disease is due to the three types of evil wind, cold, and low that accumulate in the body for a long time, but the body has an inadequate kidney. A damaged liver cannot nourish the pulse. Kidney failure cannot control the bone marrow. Heat damage combined with stagnation of qi and blood due to accumulation of evil qi causes stagnation, making joints swollen, hot, painful, unable to move. Pain is intense and much at night, in cold weather, pain increases, hot compresses relieve pain. If the disease progresses rapidly, acutely and strongly, it is called white tiger calendar.1

How to correct and safe acupressure treatment for gout

Gout causes pain that reduces the quality of life of patients

Is acupressure effective for gout?

Acupressure helps gout patients relieve pain quickly. However, in the acute stage, patients should not apply this method, because it will cause increased pain and discomfort. Acupressure treatment for gout can be used when the patient has passed the acute attack. Then, acupressure will bring the following effects:

  • Increases blood flow to the joints. Thereby helping to carry away the harmful metabolites.
  • Prevention of stiffness due to prolonged immobility due to pain. Acupressure will help the acupoints to be opened, solving the blockages caused by the stagnation of blood and qi.
  • Creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort is also one of the ways to prevent disease recurrence.
  • Helps the body relax deeply, the muscles around the joints are also relaxed. From there, it will help to quickly reduce the feeling of pain.
  • Help balance and protect the health of the patient. At the same time, strengthen the immune system and defense, help the bone and joint system be healthy to fight disease.2

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How to correct and safe acupressure treatment for gout

Acupressure can help reduce pain in gout treatment

How to acupressure cure gout

Indications for acupressure treatment for gout

Gout acupressure is applied outside the acute attack. In particular, effective treatment support in the chronic stage of the disease.

Contraindications to acupressure for gout treatment

Acupressure is not recommended when the patient is in the acute phase, the joints are hot, red, and painful.

People with injuries in the area preparing to conduct acupressure.

The location of the acupressure point is swollen, has an open wound or has sores - infection.

Acupressure points can be used in acupressure to treat gout

Huyen Duong Lang Tuyen

Location: To find the location of the Yang Lingquan point, the patient should sit upright and use their hands to touch the outside of the lower leg. Duong Lang Tuyen's point is located below the knee, at the concave point, outside the head of the fibula.

Duong Lang Tuyen acupressure treatment for Gout: The patient uses the middle finger and index finger to rub Duong Lang Tuyen acupressure point clockwise. Should massage acupuncture points in both legs for the best effect.

Acupressure 1 to 2 times per day. Each press takes about 1 to 3 minutes.

Implementation time from 10 to 15 consecutive days.

The Point of Poison

Location: The point is located in the depression below the kneecap . The point is shaped like the nose of a buffalo, so it is called Doc Tri.

Acupressure method: Use the index and middle fingers at the same time to rub and press the Doc Tri point for about 3-5 seconds, for 5-10 minutes. Do it about 2-3 times a day.

Communal Point

Location: The point is located in the middle of the road just to prevent the folds of the legs.

Acupressure treatment for gout: Use your thumb to rub and press acupressure for 1-2 minutes. Daily acupressure day 1-2 times.

Kunlun Acupoint

The point is located about 2 cm above the outer ankle. This point can be determined by palpating the intersection of the outer edge of the heel to the ankle. The point is located in the depression between the tendon fissures, in front of the posterior calcaneus, and behind the tibia.

Acupressure: Day and acupressure with index and middle fingers continuously for 5 to 10 minutes. Do it 1-2 times a day. Continuous application for 1-2 weeks can see gout symptoms relieved.1 2

Note, taboo when performing acupressure to treat gout

Acupressure is a method to help reduce pain and help the spirit to relax effectively. However, if acupressure is wrong, it can affect the health and even the life of the patient. Therefore, before performing acupressure, patients should note a few issues as follows:

  • People with heart disease, high blood pressure, broken bones or damaged bones and joints should not acupressure to treat gout .
  • Do not perform acupressure when you have just experienced injury or surgery.
  • Do not do acupressure when you are too hungry or too full. After drinking alcohol, beer, and alcoholic beverages, acupressure should not be performed immediately.
  • Pregnant women should not perform reflexology. Because if performed improperly or incorrectly determined acupoints can affect the fetus, or cause miscarriage.

Other Oriental Medicine Methods for Gout Treatment

In addition to acupressure, gout can help reduce pain. Some other methods can be combined such as:

  • Use traditional medicine.
  • Acupuncture : If the disease is in an acute attack, do not choose acupoints right at the painful place for acupuncture.
  • Ayurvedic.
  • Massage.

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How to correct and safe acupressure treatment for gout

Acupuncture is a method that can be used in combination with other pain relievers to treat gout

Hopefully the above article has helped you better understand how acupressure cures gout . This method can be applied to help support the treatment of gout quite effectively. However, before performing acupressure, it is necessary to be prescribed and examined by a doctor. Patients should not do it on their own, especially during an acute illness.