Cracked foreskin: effective treatment and prevention

The problem of cracked foreskin is a condition that many men often encounter. Things that arise related to the genitals always make men feel anxious, uncomfortable, insecure, lack of confidence and negatively affect sex. Here are some sharing on this issue, let's follow the article.


Causes of cracked foreskin

In most cases, fissures of the foreskin may be pre-existing. Cracks and dryness on the foreskin can be caused by the following:


Tight clothing and underwear can cause chafing and rubbing around the genital area. This leads to dry foreskin. In uncircumcised men, underpants that are too tight can lead to moisture buildup and fungus under the foreskin, leading to dryness and infection. Choose cotton underwear for support and looser clothing to limit this.

Shower gel, soap or shampoo cause dryness

These harsh cleansers often dry out the penis. This leads to a crack in the foreskin . So wash the penis with warm water and mild soap, baby shampoo or other products made for sensitive skin. Rinse thoroughly with water after washing to remove all traces of product. During treatment, just abstain from sex or masturbation for a few days. In the meantime, apply some good lotion to keep the skin hydrated.

Dry sex

Prolonged sexual activity without proper lubrication can dry out the skin of the penis and crack the foreskin . It will eventually lead to itching and peeling of the skin. So choose an organic lubricant or oil that doesn't contain parabens or glycerin to avoid irritation. Doctors often recommend water-based lubricants if patients have sensitive skin.


If the condition is accompanied by sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, or watery eyes, it is usually due to an allergic reaction to personal deodorant or spermicidal condoms. The penis will become red, swollen and swollen, which may be due to an allergy. Symptoms usually appear 48 hours after exposure to the allergen. If a person is allergic to latex, they can switch to polyurethane or silicone condoms that have not been treated with spermicide. Besides, you can also apply a specialized moisturizer for the penis after bathing to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. If symptoms of an allergic reaction appear, see a urologist immediately.

Yeast infection

Genital yeast infections are especially common in uncircumcised men or those with poor genital hygiene. Symptoms include white patches and flaky skin, heavy, irregular discharge under the foreskin, swelling or irritation around the tip of the penis, and pain during sex and when urinating.

If this is the case, apply an OTC antifungal cream to the tip of the penis and under the foreskin (for uncircumcised men) for 10 days. Also, avoid sex until the infection clears up. Because yeast infections are very contagious.


Dry skin accompanied by intense itching, peeling, and fluid-filled blisters that may ooze and scab can be signs of eczema. An accurate medical diagnosis is required prior to treatment. Low-concentration (topical) topical corticosteroids can be applied under careful guidance.

Cracked foreskin: effective treatment and prevention

Apply medicine on the skin


Psoriasis is a skin condition that can cause dryness of the penis. It is also accompanied by small red patches and shadows. In this case, low concentrations of topical corticosteroids are often prescribed.

Inflammation of the foreskin

Balanitis is swelling at the tip of the penis. This problem is often caused by poor hygiene or an infection. Red spots, swelling, and itching are common symptoms. Balanitis can be resolved by practicing good hygiene. If balanitis is severe, consult your doctor.

Other problems

Other conditions may be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. This is not always sexually transmitted. It is possible that the patient suffered a small tear and then the wound became infected. Antifungal or antibacterial creams and pills are often recommended by your doctor.

Symptoms of cracked foreskin

Cracked foreskin is more or less cracked foreskin depending on the condition. This often causes itching and discomfort for men. In particular, when having sex, men may experience burning pain. That will affect the psychology of men as well as family happiness.

In addition, some cases of cracked foreskin may be accompanied by a condition where the glans of the penis is red, blistered. If cracked foreskin for a long time can cause sores, pus. This is an extremely dangerous condition that men need to pay close attention to and see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid unwanted complications.

Cracked foreskin: effective treatment and prevention

Cracked foreskin

Is cracked foreskin dangerous?

The foreskin consists of two layers of inner muscle, with numerous blood vessels, nerves, and skin and mucous membranes of the penis that surround the glans and the urethra. This area of ​​the skin is extremely sensitive to irritation near the tip of the foreskin. According to male experts, the main function of the foreskin is to keep the penis wet, protect the penis from developing safely, and increase sexual pleasure with the concentration of many nerves. Besides the protective functions, the foreskin can also be a potential risk of some male diseases such as balanitis, foreskin narrowing or narrowing of the foreskin.

Therefore, the problem of cracking the foreskin greatly affects daily personal activities, sex life, and men find it difficult to achieve pleasure during sex. That will be the direct cause of happiness in marriage.

Cracked foreskin: effective treatment and prevention

Is cracked foreskin dangerous?

However, dry skin and fissures of the foreskin are generally not cause for concern and can be treated with over-the-counter and at-home treatments.

How to cure cracked foreskin

How to fix cracked foreskin at home

When cracking the foreskin , men need to go to the doctor early to get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Absolutely do not buy drugs for self-treatment because if the treatment is not for the right cause or in the wrong way, it can make the condition worse and cause unwanted complications.

In addition, to prevent the foreskin from cracking, men should note some of the following measures:

  • Keep the penis clean, especially before and after sex.
  • Safe sex.
  • Use clean water for bathing.
  • Do not wear underwear while it is still damp.
  • Limit all sexual activity for proper healing.
  • If you have an infection of the penis, it needs to be treated thoroughly. In particular, you must abstain from sexual intercourse during treatment.

Medicine for cracked foreskin

  • Drug treatment. Your doctor will prescribe a topical medication to help with fissures of the foreskin. For men with inflammation of the foreskin fissure, the doctor will rely on the causes of this condition to choose the right medicine. The drug is commonly used in oral and topical forms. In some cases, patients will be prescribed some antibiotics with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Surgery. If a man has a narrowing, strangulation, or inflammation of the foreskin, surgery is needed as soon as possible.

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How to prevent cracked foreskin

Here are a few tips to prevent cracked foreskin:

  • Urologists often recommend a reasonable, balanced diet to prevent fissures, such as: drinking plenty of water daily, eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Apply the penis with herbal essential oil daily to keep the penis skin soft
  • Do not use harsh soaps or detergents on the skin of the penis
  • Avoid fried, fried, and processed foods

Cracked foreskin can be dangerous. Because there are many reasons for this. Determining the exact cause of cracked foreskin is the best way to help men prevent male diseases. See your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing this condition!