Dangers from chronic cervicitis

Gynecological diseases are always one of the great concerns of women about health. Among them, cervicitis is a fairly common condition. There are many cases where the ladies often have problems with their private health and are diagnosed with chronic cervicitis. So what is this disease? How does it manifest? Dangerous disease? Let's learn the basics with SignsSymptomsList through the following article.


Manifestations of chronic cervicitis

Chronic cervicitis is a persistent, long-lasting inflammation of the cervix. 

Manifestations of chronic cervicitis in case of exacerbation

In some cases, this chronic inflammation is followed by an acute episode of cervical inflammation. Causes of persistent inflammation after an exacerbation may include:

  • Improper treatment.
  • Treat only symptoms without detecting and eliminating the cause of infection.
  • The patient did not comply with the treatment protocol.

In this situation, inflammatory manifestations will appear in stages: loud, heavy and then subside after treatment. Still, they persist.

Manifestations of chronic cervicitis in the absence of exacerbations

There are many cases of chronic inflammation that the patient does not recognize the acute symptoms before.

Most manifestations of chronic cervicitis are quite mild, not as aggressive as acute inflammatory episodes. As a result, many patients are not aware of their condition. These cases are diagnosed only by chance examination or when prolonged inflammation has caused complications. 

In obvious cases, women may have the following symptoms: 

  • Swelling and redness of the cervix.
  • There is one or more sores on the cervix.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Urinary frequency, urgency, urge to urinate.
  • Uncomfortable itching sensation in the vagina.
  • Pain during sex.

Dangers from chronic cervicitis

Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of the disease that women need to pay attention to

In addition, when prolonged inflammation causes other complications, the manifestations can be more varied and severe. Because of the insidious nature of chronic inflammation, many people have misconceptions about how dangerous this disease is. So is chronic cervicitis really dangerous? Let's find the answer in the later part of this article.

Is chronic cervicitis dangerous?

The nature of chronic cervicitis

As mentioned, the essence of this disease is a prolonged inflammation of the cervix. The inflammatory response is a physiological response that protects the body from harmful agents.

However, when the inflammatory process is too strong and persistent, it will harm the organs that need to be protected. In addition, it is harmed by toxins from agents such as bacteria, viruses, etc. These make the cervix structurally damaged. Damage to uterine tissue makes it difficult for the cervix to maintain its normal physiological and functional environment. In addition, prolonged inflammation easily leads to more severe complications, more difficult to treat definitively, and the risk of complete recovery will be significantly reduced.

Complications of chronic cervicitis:

  • Inflammation is deeply rooted, spreading to neighboring areas and organs; For example, endometritis, cervical ectropion, cystitis, ovary, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.
  • Increased risk of infertility and ectopic pregnancy.
  • Increased risk of developing cervical cancer.
  • Pregnant women with untreated chronic cervicitis are at increased risk of preterm labor. It can even lead to miscarriage.
  • Persistent risk of recurrence despite active treatment

Dangers from chronic cervicitis

Chronic cervicitis increases the risk of cervical cancer

So is chronic cervicitis dangerous? The answer seems to be completely clear. Symptoms may be minimal or mild. But the harmful effects of chronic cervicitis cannot be underestimated. The persistence and complications of this condition will cost the patient a lot of time and money to treat. And most of the treatment results are not as good as acute cervicitis episodes. 

How is chronic cervicitis treated?

Treatment will depend on the cause of the inflammation. Treatments may include:

Symptomatic relief treatment

This measure applies to non-infectious agents. Common is cervical injury due to physical impact such as:

  • Violent intercourse.
  • Due to a medical procedure in the genital area.
  • Due to allergies to vaginal medications, cleaning solutions, contraceptives, etc.

It is necessary to coordinate with the treatment of pre-existing diseases that make the patient susceptible to infections, reduced resistance such as diabetes, etc.

Surgical treatment

Surgical options for chronic cervicitis may include:

  • Laser therapy.
  • Freezing therapy (cold therapy).
  • Electrocautery (heat therapy).

Surgical treatment should be considered for cases where there is already associated ectropion. 

Drug treatment

  • Antibiotics (If the infection is caused by bacteria).
  • Antiviral drugs for viral causes of inflammation.

In addition, patients should avoid sex during treatment. For sexually transmitted pathogens, treatment should be given to both the patient and the sexual partner. 

Given how dangerous chronic cervicitis can be , early prevention is extremely important. Women should regularly pay attention to the strange manifestations of the body and have regular check-ups. This will help detect and treat infections promptly if any. In addition, women need to maintain genital hygiene, get proper and sufficient treatment to help prevent recurrence and prolonged infection. 


Is chronic cervicitis dangerous? Hope readers have found the answer through the article above. Regular visits and hygiene are effective measures to prevent, detect and promptly treat this disease.