Penis pimples: Signs of dangerous diseases

Pimples on the penis are quite common for men. According to gynecologists, penis pimples are a sign of sexually transmitted diseases or dangerous male diseases. Therefore, it is important to find out and treat this condition as soon as possible. Through the following article, MSc Tran Quoc Phong will share with you the necessary information about this pathology. 


Pathological causes

Whether a man is sexually active or not, he is at risk. However, if you have sex, unusual acne is a warning sign of sexually transmitted diseases or other dermatological diseases. Eg:

Sebum granules

Sebaceous granules are sebaceous glands located under the hair follicles. These glands can be seen in the hairless area (the penis). Small white or yellow bumps on the penis are indicative of this problem. Sebaceous granules on the penis often appear in the mouth and grow in clusters. Although not causing problems, sometimes sebum particles will affect cosmetic problems. It can be treated with a number of dermatological procedures. Examples include using a laser, or taking Isotretinoin.


Symptoms of folliculitis are red bumps on the penis . These conditions often have a small amount of pus near the hair growth and cause pain and itching. However, this problem can go away on its own without treatment.

If the case is severe or the disease recurs repeatedly, topical antibiotics can be used.

Penis pimples: Signs of dangerous diseases



Syphilis is a dangerous sexually transmitted infection. The first sign of the disease is a red rash on the penis . Then it gradually becomes an ulcer. Syphilis can go away on its own but can recur. Patients during the course of the disease are at risk of infecting others. Antibiotics are usually used to treat syphilis.

Genital warts

Genital warts are transmitted during unprotected sex. The manifestation of the disease is the penis with fleshy pimples in each cluster like broccoli. If the cause of the disease is the HPV virus, it increases the risk of developing penile cancer later in life.

Causes other than pathology

When pores are clogged with dirt, pimples appear. For example, excess oil, dead cells, bacteria. Pimples may also contain pus. It may feel soft or swollen to the touch.

A common cause is shaving pubic hair due to skin irritation. When shaving pubic hair, skin irritation combined with ingrown hairs and scratches can cause penis pimples .

Shaving rashes usually go away on their own. To soothe damaged skin and prevent irritation, lotion can be applied to the area each time you shave.

In addition, your risk of getting the disease is higher if:

  • Do not shower often
  • Live in a humid climate
  • Oily skin
  • Wearing underwear that is too tight causes penis friction

Penis pimples: Signs of dangerous diseases

Penis red pimples

In some cases there will be no danger. These cases do not require treatment. However, some other cases will require medical intervention.

Penis pimples are dangerous?

Penile acne is dangerous or not depends on the cause and extent of the disease. However, more or less, it will affect men's lives. Eg:

  • Impact on psychology and quality of life
  • Adverse effects on reproductive health

Penis pimples: Signs of dangerous diseases

Penis pimples affect men's lives

Treatment of penile acne

If STIs are not treated promptly and thoroughly, they can cause many dangerous complications. Therefore, if the penis appears abnormal acne, the patient needs to go to the hospital for an early examination to diagnose the cause and have appropriate treatment. In addition, male patients also need to pay attention to some issues as follows:

  • Limit the impact of touching and touching the affected area. Do not squeeze acne because it can make acne worse.
  • Use the right ointment. The skin in the genital area is quite sensitive. Therefore, the genital area should not be used to treat acne on other parts of the body.
  • Take oral medication. For example, antibiotics, isotretinoin…

How to prevent penis acne

To prevent and prevent this situation, men need to note a few things as follows:

  • Use breathable and stretchy cotton underwear
  • Change underwear daily to prevent the risk of infection
  • Safe sex
  • Strictly follow the instructions and instructions of the doctor when going to the doctor

In short, this disease is not a very dangerous condition. It may go away on its own without treatment. However, if the patient has cleaned up and taken some home remedies but still does not improve, then a doctor should be consulted for a diagnosis.