How to treat spine spurs at home to help relieve back pain

Spinal spine with the formation of bone spurs, spinal degeneration puts pressure on nerves and spinal cord. This causes a dull pain in the patient. Pain is worse with movement affecting the spine. The disease should be treated under the guidance of medical professionals. Besides, it is possible to apply a number of home remedies to treat spine spurs to overcome symptoms and improve flexibility for the spine. Let's learn with SignsSymptomsList how to treat spine spurs at home below.


Home remedies to help relieve pain quickly

Spinal stenosis needs to be diagnosed and treated by a specialist. However, in addition to drug treatment, we can apply some simple home remedies for spine pain to control the pain faster.

Increase rest time when working

Standing, sitting for too long and poor posture are common causes of spina bifida. Staying in a fixed position for a long time causes the spine to continuously focus on one point instead of the body's weight being evenly distributed across the entire spine.

To reduce the degenerative condition of the spine, the patient first needs to change so that when sitting, standing and working in the correct posture.

In addition, it is advisable to alternate between activities such as exercise and movement between working hours. Aim to change the load point and increase the rest time for the muscles. Small exercises between breaks also help joints more flexible.

Weight loss

How to treat spine spurs at home to help relieve back pain

How to treat spine spurs at home. Weight loss.

If you are overweight or obese, consider a weight loss regimen. The goal of weight control is to reduce the amount of body weight the spine has to bear. Thereby slowing down the degeneration process. Because the degenerative process is one of the causes of bone spur formation.

In addition, reducing the burden on the spine helps to reduce pain. Especially the spines in the lumbar region, which bear most of the body's weight.

Do exercise

Exercise is always an indispensable part to fight diseases. Maintaining a regular intensity of exercise slows down degenerative conditions of the body including spinal degeneration.

Gentle movement also helps restore flexibility to the vertebrae. When most of the muscles around the injured vertebrae have muscle stiffness, muscle tension due to pain when moving.

People who have not had spine problems can practice any sport they love. Particularly for patients with spine problems, they should choose gentle sports such as swimming, yoga. These sports not only help increase muscle strength, but also bring flexibility and flexibility to the vertebrae.

Exercise is one of the ways to treat spine spurs at home , which is both inexpensive and effective in the long run, preventing spine spurs from recurring.

Correct postures to prevent spina bifida


In a standing position, we should stand straight so that we can balance both sides so that our body weight is evenly divided between the two. Some people tend to lean to the left or right. This changes the direction and natural curve of the spine. Risk of disc deviation and degeneration leading to spine spines.


Correct sitting posture is choosing a chair with the right height for your legs, so that your feet are close to the floor. The ankle, knee and hip joints form a right angle on either side, with the back resting on the back seat.

Do not sit continuously for too long. Occasionally take short breaks to relax your body.

In cases of low back pain, you should not squat because this position puts a lot of force on the spine.

When carrying or lifting objects

How to treat spine spurs at home to help relieve back pain

Heavy lifting posture.

The bending position to lift an object has a high risk of causing injury to the lumbar spine. The posture when carrying objects to limit injury is to stand with your feet at a moderate distance apart.

Then squat down by flexing the knee and hip joints (absolutely do not bend the spine). Next, bring the object to be carried close to the abdomen and then lift the object by standing up.

People who often have to work and carry heavy objects need to pay special attention to this movement.

This posture limits the pressure on the pipe column and sudden injuries during the work process. Thereby reducing the risk of bone degeneration and spine formation after a long time of work. Unlike bending postures, lifting the spine up will easily injure the lumbar spine.

Spinal spine disease prevention for loved ones

Prevention of spina bifida is the best home treatment for spina bifida . It not only helps to reduce the cost of treatment, but also helps reduce the burden of disease and affects people's quality of life.

Preventing spina bifida is not only important for people who have never had it, but also helps prevent recurrence in those who have been treated for spina bifida.

Measures to help prevent spine spurs:

  • Always keep the inherent physiological curve of the body by not sitting in the wrong position.
  • Do not stand or sit for too long, you should increase the rest time and do light exercise to make skeletal muscles flexible.
  • When looking at your phone or reading a book, place them at eye level. Limit bending the neck to see because the cervical vertebrae must bear the weight of the head. Over time, the cervical vertebrae degenerate, causing cervical spine spurs.
  • Exercise and adequate nutrition are good measures to prevent degenerative conditions. Reducing bone degeneration is also an important part of preventing spina bifida.
  • The diet should include foods rich in vitamin D and calcium to have a strong bone system.

The above article has shared some home remedies for spine sprains . These are just extra measures. If combined with medical treatment will bring more effective for the patient.