Expert advice: Sex with slime pregnant?

Sex sticky slime pregnant? The question receives a lot of attention from you and your partner when you want to have sex but have no desire to get pregnant. Before sex, you and your partner will go through arousal together. During this process, the female will secrete vaginal mucus. Besides, male friends also produce slime in the "little guy". So when the two of you have sex, does the male friend's slime make the female friend pregnant? The following article by MSc Tran Quoc Phong will provide the necessary information to help you answer this question. We invite you to find out.


What is sex slime?

Oily secretions in men and women are secreted when excited. This substance acts as a natural lubricant. It makes the relationship process easier and increases the stimulation for both of you in battle. Especially in men, mucus is also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid. This is a cloudy white fluid. It is secreted by Cowper glands located at the tip of the penis. The composition of this slime is acid phosphatase. An active substance that neutralizes the acidity of urine in the urethra. Thereby creating a favorable environment for sperm to move. Besides, this active ingredient also helps to neutralize the acidic environment that has the ability to kill sperm of the vagina .

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The effect of slime during sex

The effects of slime during sex include:

  • Helps to lubricate to make sex easier and increase arousal for you and your partner.
  • Minimize excessive friction during intercourse. Thereby minimizing the damage to the genital organs of men and women.
  • Neutralizes the acidic environment in the female urethra and vagina. The goal is for sperm to move easily and survive to the female uterus .

Expert advice: Sex with slime pregnant?

Lubricant during sex can make penetration easier and more stimulating

Sex sticky slime pregnant?

The answer to the question "Can sex with slime get pregnant?" is yes. Lubricant is essentially a lubricant. But that doesn't mean slime can't transport semen or sperm from the penis to the vagina. Studies show that 16.7% of healthy men have motile sperm during mucus secretion. Slime is secreted automatically so men cannot control it. Men can only control when they learn to ejaculate. So during sex, mucus can carry sperm into the vagina. Especially when no contraception is used. Both men and women may not feel this.

Sex with pregnancy slime accounts for a relatively low rate, but it can still happen. Because the pregnancy rate is directly proportional to the sperm count, the slime contains few sperms. Successful fertilization requires healthy sperm to reach the egg. But just one "uncle" healthy sperm. When it overcomes all adverse conditions and can enter the vagina. After that, the sperm meets the egg and implants, you can completely get pregnant. So you and your partner should not be subjective about this.

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Expert advice: Sex with slime pregnant?

In the slime may contain sperm and fertilization occurs when the egg is met

How to prevent pregnancy after sex

If the two of you still do not intend to get pregnant, do not be subjective with this slime. Here are ways to prevent pregnancy during sex:

  • Using condoms is the safest and most common way today. This method requires you to choose and use condoms correctly.
  • Women with regular menstrual cycles can watch the day of ovulation to choose a safe time. Usually, this will be around day 20 to 28 of the cycle. However, this measure does not guarantee safety. Because it only applies to those who have regular periods and remember the right day.
  • If a condom breaks or no other method of protection is used, women should have emergency contraception on hand. Pills will help prevent or slow down ovulation. You need to take it within the prescribed time of the medicine.
  • Women can use long-term contraceptive methods, including: daily oral contraceptives , contraceptive skin patches, devices such as vaginal sponges, cervical rings, etc.
  • Men can use spermicides .

Expert advice: Sex with slime pregnant?

Condoms are one of the most effective birth control methods

Thus, the answer to the question "Is it pregnant with slime sex " is yes. Slime is a secretion that follows the passage of sperm. Just any fluid containing sperm entering the vagina and meeting an egg can cause pregnancy. So, if the two of you do not have the desire to get pregnant, this should be noted. Taking good precautions can avoid this. Especially using condoms properly. It also helps protect you from dangerous sexually transmitted diseases