What are the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in a womans vagina?

Periodic health check-ups are important in the treatment of diseases. Providing medical care for women is increasingly concerned. Almost all medical facilities have clinics specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. The most concerning problem in women today is the swollen lymph nodes in their private areas. Vaginal lymph nodes can be the cause of dangerous diseases. This not only causes anxiety for women, but also causes concerns for society.


What is a swollen lymph node in a woman's vagina?

Before learning about the problem of swollen lymph nodes in the vagina , we need to understand what lymph nodes are and why they appear in the private area.

What is a lymph node?

What are the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in a woman's vagina?

Some groups of lymph nodes are located superficially on the body

Lymph nodes, or lymph nodes for short, are essentially lymph nodes located throughout the body. The nodule has a flat, smooth structure and is about a few millimeters small. In the body, lymph nodes play an important role in immune function. When the lymph nodes are overworked or infected, they will stimulate and cause swelling. In particular, lymph nodes will enlarge when related to cancer diseases.

Nodes in female genitals? Why appear?

The lymph nodes are also part of the body's immune system. They are usually located in the area around the genitals. The lymph nodes in the pubic region and the large perilipal lymph nodes are responsible for the collection of lymph nodes. Besides, the lymph nodes carry out an immune response to the surrounding area. When lymph nodes in the private area are enlarged, it shows signs of pathology. Usually there are diseases around it such as inflammation or cancer.

Swollen lymph nodes in the pubic region and lymph nodes around the lips are common symptoms. Vaginal lymph nodes can be detected by direct palpation or by other means. When detecting lymphadenopathy in the same woman, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature and characteristics of the lymph nodes. Depending on the characteristics, there are different hazards:

For benign lymph nodes: lymph nodes will be smaller than 1cm, mobile, clear boundaries sometimes with pain.

For suspected malignancy: lymph nodes will usually be > 25mm in size. On examination, the private area will have lymph nodes that are difficult to move, the boundaries are not clear. Sometimes the lymph nodes can invade surrounding tissue and are painless.

What are the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in a woman's vagina?

Swollen lymph nodes in the intimate area can be detected by direct palpation

Symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in the vagina of women

Floating lymph nodes in the female genital area have benign signs.

If the lymphadenopathy is determined to be benign, there are corresponding causes. Symptoms vary from patient to patient:

Floating genital lymph nodes due to inflammation around: vaginitis, sebaceous cysts, bartholin cysts, warts, STDs... This case is quite common when the lymph nodes are swollen in the female genitalia.

The most common symptoms of these diseases are itching. In addition, the patient also feels hot, red, painful inflammation at the lymph node site. If progress is severe, in addition to swollen glands in the vagina, the vagina sometimes has a foul-smelling, lumpy discharge. Patients need to detect lymphadenopathy and abnormal symptoms early.

When lymph nodes in the intimate area are inflamed, there will be red hot pain or pus in the lymph nodes.

Floating lymph nodes in the female genital area show signs of malignancy.

Swollen lymph nodes due to malignancy: vaginal cancer is common. In addition, cancer of the uterus and ovaries can detect floating lymph nodes in the female genitalia.

Symptoms of malignancies are sometimes similar to those of benign diseases. Some cases have no symptoms. For example, in gynecological cancer there is a risk factor from infection with HPV, the virus that causes genital warts. But malignancy is more suspected when there is abnormal vaginal bleeding. It is more obvious if bleeding after menopause, after sex with swollen lymph nodes around the private area.

Causes of swollen lymph nodes in the vagina of women

Swollen lymph nodes in the vagina of women also have many causes. Whether it is benign or malicious, it needs to be recognized, thereby finding ways to prevent it.

  • For benign causes, most of them are gynecological infections caused by bacterial and viral agents. Fungal infections are also common in women who do not know how to keep their genitals clean. Many women are still subjective in this regard or do not apply safe measures in their sex life. Swollen lymph nodes in this case are considered as accompanying symptoms. Many other risk factors come from clothing, drinking water, sanitary napkins ... that women have not yet paid attention to.
  • For malignancy, the leading cause is HPV. Part of the reason can also be due to unsafe sex. Women unknowingly contract HPV, which is a risk factor for cervical cancer. Manifestations of the disease are cervical tumours, which may be accompanied by lymphadenopathy. Or it may be due to a disorder in some genes in the body that leads to the disease. Many women have not paid much attention to early gynecological cancer screening. This misses the opportunity to treat the disease at an early stage with many consequences.

Are lymph nodes in the female genital area dangerous?

Swollen lymph nodes in the private area are considered a warning for women. It is very important to raise vigilance for early detection of dangerous diseases. Although some pelvic lymph nodes tend to be benign, they also affect the health and psychology of many women. Sometimes not much less than malignancy. Benign lymph nodes around the female genitalia are easier to treat than malignant.

The lymph node swelling due to a benign disease, the treatment also gives a good response, but sometimes it also leaves some unwanted sequelae in women, which are bad scars that are unsightly. Swollen lymph nodes in the malignancy still face some difficulties in treatment and the prognosis is not good

What are the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in a woman's vagina?

Swollen lymph nodes in the vagina can be a warning sign of malignancy. 

How to treat swollen lymph nodes in women's private area

The treatment for swollen lymph nodes in the intimate area also depends on the disease involved.

Home remedies

Usually, swollen lymph nodes in the intimate area will go away on their own without treatment. Here are some home remedies that may help alleviate symptoms:

  • Wash the vaginal area with warm water.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes that cause the vagina and vulva to be blocked.
  • Wear cotton underwear. Because natural materials will keep the genitals cool and dry.

Treat according to the cause

Where hard lumps appear due to disease, the doctor will treat will depend on the cause of the disease.

Use medicine

Lymph node inflammation or gynecological inflammatory disease caused by agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, will be treated with medication.

Medicines are mainly used to help relieve symptoms, possibly with antibiotics or antifungals. Perigonadal lymph nodes will improve with progression of drug response. Vaginal lymph nodes may no longer be prominent when treated well, without recurrence.

Other support measures

For malignancies caused by cancer, the treatment direction is quite complicated. The choice of treatment depends on the nature of the particular disease. However, enlarged lymph nodes in the pubic region and around the lips due to metastases have a rather poor prognosis. At that time, it is necessary to consider specifically what the nature of the septum lymph nodes is by cytological diagnostic methods.

But in general, if the malignancies are cancers that have metastasized to the lymph nodes, the disease has progressed far, the treatment will be very difficult for both doctors and patients.

Swollen lymph nodes in the vagina is a sign that there is a problem in your private area. Therefore, when you detect hard lumps like lymph nodes in your private area, you should see your doctor immediately for examination and appropriate treatment.