Acupressure cure urinary retention and things you dont know

Urinary retention is a urinary disorder caused by many different causes, causing discomfort to patients. Today, the treatment of this symptom has become easier with the combination of Modern Medicine and Traditional Medicine. In particular, acupressure is recognized with many positive results and is easy to perform. Here, we invite you to study with traditional medicine doctor Pham Le Phuong Mai to learn how acupressure cures urinary retention simply but still brings many benefits.


Urinary retention from the perspective of traditional medicine


According to Oriental medicine documents, functional urinary retention is often described in the "long-holding" or "swallowing" syndrome. In which: 1

  • Long (lung): Means urinating, difficult, dripping urine, little, short...
  • Constipation: The feeling of having to urinate but not being able to come out, usually acute.

Besides, the disease may also appear additional signs such as fatigue, back pain, tight lower abdomen, burning pain in the urethra...


Based on the patient's condition, Eastern medicine divides urinary retention into 2 common groups: 1

  • Evidence includes new lesions and widespread symptoms. The cause is often due to unreasonable cuisine or foreign invaders that produce low heat (inflammation, infection, etc.), blood stasis (stones, trauma, etc.). All of these interfere with bladder muscle function.
  • Symptoms include long-term lesions and long-lasting symptoms. Usually due to dysfunction of kidney qi, not warm, bladder gasification leads to urinary disorders. In addition, kidney yin damage produces internal heat, burning fluid, so the water in the bladder decreases.

In addition, Oriental medicine also recorded a number of other causes such as waste heat, stagnation of gas, post-surgery, postpartum ... Affecting the function of regulating the waterway, stagnant gas, poor circulation ...

Acupressure cure urinary retention and things you don't know

Urinary retention or urinary disorders will cause discomfort to daily activities

Is acupressure effective for urinary retention?

Since ancient times, acupressure treatment for urinary retention has brought many advantages and effectiveness.2 Because they meet the treatment principles of this disease such as:

  • Regulate and balance the operation in the lower urinary tract, especially the bladder .
  • Diuretics, support bladder muscles to contract more smoothly, reduce stiffness ...
  • Except for low heat, smooth waterways, air-mechanical regulation, active blood circulation...
  • Enhances visceral function, especially Kidney and Bladder organs, helps qi, disperses...

The above benefits show that acupressure should be prioritized in the treatment of urinary disorders.

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Acupressure cure urinary retention and things you don't know

Acupressure treatment for urinary retention can bring many benefits to patients

How to acupressure to cure urinary retention

Indications and contraindications

The method is suitable for most subjects with functional urinary disorders of all ages.3

In contrast, some cases should not apply this therapy such as:

  • In cases of urinary retention due to acute, sudden, or chronically threatening causes, immediate bladder clearance is required.3
  • There are sores and sores, non-healing skin areas at the acupressure point.3
  • The patient's condition is not alert, tired, drunk, too hungry ...
  • Pregnant women who want acupressure to cure urinary retention in the back and abdomen need to consult a professional.

Acupressure process to treat urinary retention

In turn, perform acupressure movements at positions: 3

  • Mediastinum: Located on the midline of the abdomen, from the navel measured straight up 4 cun.
  • Lower Trachea: Located on the midline of the abdomen, measuring straight up from the navel 2 cun.
  • Thien Khu (Thien Xu): From the position of the navel measured horizontally to both sides, 2 cun on each side.
  • Diaphragm: The intersection of the horizontal line through the navel and the vertical line through the breasts on both sides.
  • Qi Hai: Lying on the midline of the abdomen, measuring 1.5 cun from the navel straight down.
  • Quan Nguyen: Lying on the midline of the abdomen, measuring straight down from the navel to 3 cuns.
  • Mid-pole: On the midline of the abdomen, measure 4 cun down from the navel, or 1 cun up from the upper border of the pubic bone.
  • Bone segment: Located right in the middle of the upper border of the pubic bone, or located 1 cun below the center of Trung Chi.
  • Quy Lai: From below the navel 4 cun (the center of the pole), then measure horizontally to the 2 sides, 2 cun on each side.

In addition, the doctor can also add acupuncture points such as:

  • Day acupoints: Dan Trung, Tuc Tam Ly, Duong Lang Tuyen...
  • Supplement kidney, increase gasification, regulate bladder: Thai Khe, Than Du, Menh Mon, Bladder Du, Yuyang...
  • Except for low heat: Yin lance, Tam yin delivery, Mid pole...

Some common diseases

Heat waste: Urinary disorders with dry throat, thirst, thin yellow tongue moss... Acupressure Khuc Co, Trung Chi, Quy Lai, Hop Coc, Pho Du, Khuc Tri, Dan Trung...

Blood stagnation: After surgery or after being angry, suddenly having difficulty urinating, abdominal pain , fullness, easily upset, angry, ... Acupressure Khuc Co, Trach Bien, Trung Pole, Con lon, bladder du…

Kidney failure: The patient is often old, with long-term symptoms, little urination, difficulty, with pain in the back of the knee, gray hair, etc. Acupressure Center, Khuc Co, Quan Nguyen, Duong Lang Tuyen, Qi Hai, Tuc Tam Ly, Tam Yin Giao…1

Acupressure treatment for urinary retention usually ranges from 15-20 days, depending on the case. Perform each acupressure position for 2 - 5 minutes, so that the skin area is warm, then change to another place. The total time is about 30 minutes each time, it should be combined with massage for high efficiency.

Acupressure cure urinary retention and things you don't know

Some abdominal acupoints are often used to support urination disorders

Note when acupressure cure urinary retention

It is important to carefully consider the indications and contraindications of acupressure for urinary retention. Moreover, this therapy is almost only supportive for urinary disorders. Mild conditions can be resolved quickly. However, if the patient does not improve but the condition is getting worse, then consider combining other treatment methods such as drugs, urinary catheter, surgery ...

If it is a specific cause such as infection, urinary stones, etc., the patient needs to be treated actively by therapies such as antibiotics , reducing stone size...

In addition to performing acupressure treatment, the patient needs to have a reasonable routine and regimen of rest; such as drinking enough water, avoiding alcohol , relaxing, exercising appropriately...

When performing the operation, it must be based on the response of the object. Should not be too rough or too gentle, determine the wrong acupoint… This will not only bring benefits but also cause unwanted risks.2

Other oriental medicine methods to treat urinary retention


Many amazing results have been demonstrated when combining massage and acupressure for urinary retention . First, let the patient's whole body relax, then warm the palms with essential oils. In turn, massage, rub, rub, rub, squeeze, etc. in the abdomen and then rub along the midline of the abdomen to the upper border of the pubic bone 10-20 times. Massage therapy is about 30 minutes/time/day, lasting 20 days, depending on response level.4


Acupuncture is one of the most considered oriental medicine when patients have urinary disorders. Acupuncture should be done for 30 minutes every day with the same acupressure point as when acupressure is applied. Note that it should be moderately stimulated, with continuous needles to increase blood circulation, stimulate bladder muscles, diuretics...

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Acupressure cure urinary retention and things you don't know

Acupuncture is an oriental medicine that can help with diuresis


For a long time, around us, there are many close herbal medicines with diuretic effect, except for low temperature, reducing stones... These can be mentioned as:

It can be seen that the contributions of traditional medicine in the treatment of urinary disorders are enormous. In particular, acupressure treatment for urinary retention is receiving more and more trust and application. Hopefully, through the above article, you have gained more useful information about this method. If you have a need for medical examination and treatment by oriental medicine, you should choose reputable facilities to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment.