Acupressure for cough and what you need to know

Today, for many reasons, respiratory diseases as well as cough symptoms have become common. This has had a significant impact on the patient's quality of life. With the advancement of medicine, many cough treatments have come into existence. In which, the procedure of affecting acupoints (referred to as acupressure) of Traditional Medicine was recorded with many positive and positive results. So, is acupressure for cough really effective and how is it done? Let's find out with Traditional Medicine Doctor Pham Le Phuong Mai.


Cough from the perspective of traditional medicine

According to modern medicine, cough is a natural reflex of the body. This reflex is to help remove foreign objects such as mucus, bacteria, etc. to the outside. Besides, this is also considered a sign of a respiratory condition damaged by diseases such as respiratory infections, pneumonia , bronchitis, flu ...

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cough symptom is generally described in terms of “clairvoyance”. In which, "khai" is a cough with a sound but no sputum, and "understanding" is a cough with a lot of phlegm.

In addition, oriental medicine also believes that the main cause of cough is internal and external injuries. In which, extrasensory perception is often caused by wind and cold that invade the lungs; causing the air to not be clear and regulated, which causes disease. Internal injury is due to poor metabolism, which produces phlegm of lung yin and spleen yang.1

Thus, depending on the causes, cough therapies will help promote blood qi. At the same time, they will help the air to circulate and regulate, clear the meridians, eliminate the evil gases that cause disease, as well as enhance the operation of the viscera...

Acupressure for cough and what you need to know

Respiratory diseases in general and cough symptoms in particular are gradually becoming more common in many subjects

Overview of acupressure methods to treat cough

Is acupressure for cough really effective?

From many folk experiences as well as modern studies have recognized the effective use of acupressure for cough treatment. The method of therapy is to use force in the fingers to press, push, press... to the acupuncture points. This helps to create mechanical stimulation to the skin, flesh, blood vessels , nerves, etc. at that location. Leads to many benefits such as warming the body, increasing respiratory regulation, promoting smooth blood circulation, dissolving stagnation as well as reducing irritation of the pharynx... cough and the amount of sputum produced will be significantly reduced.

The above principle shows that, in addition to the cough symptom, the procedures acting on the acupoint also help to improve other accompanying conditions such as itchy throat , uncomfortable sputum, difficulty breathing...

Another advantage of acupressure for cough is that it's simple to do at home; without spending too much time or money. Moreover, they do not have side effects such as stomach, liver, kidney, bleeding, pain… like many other treatments.

However, it should be clearly understood that this therapy has almost no effect on physical pathological factors such as bacteria, viruses, allergies, etc., but only provides temporary symptom relief, creating comfort. for the patient. Therefore, the combination of Eastern and Western medicine in the treatment of diseases is a popular trend; and are gradually being applied widely among the people because of their effectiveness.

Who can do acupressure for cough?

Many studies show that acupressure for cough treatment has been recorded with positive results on many different subjects; including the elderly and children.

What types of cough can acupressure treat?

According to many documents, because of its diverse and effective effects on the human body, acupressure can support dry cough, cough with phlegm; or accompanied by sore throat, fever, cold , long-term cough ...

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How to cure cough with acupressure

According to oriental medicine, depending on the condition and level of each patient, the doctor will choose the appropriate acupuncture points. Then, the doctor will coordinate the manipulations on the acupoint such as:

  • Pressing acupoints is to use force at the tip of the thumb to press on the acupoint and hold it for about 10-20 seconds.
  • Day acupressure is to use the thumb or middle finger to press on the acupuncture point and then move in a circle.

Some specific acupressure points are often used with patients with cough symptoms such as: Dung Tuyen, Chich Trach, Khong Dark, Thai Yuan, Liet Deng... In addition, depending on the accompanying conditions, additional acupressure points are added. as:

  • If you want to replenish qi and waste, use the acupoints of Pho Du, Dan Trung...2
  • Shortness of breath, asthma use more points Dinh Asthma, Asthma...2
  • Dam many problems use more acupoints Phong Long, Tuc Tam Ly...3
  • Want to reduce fever, clear the heat, use more Great Mace, Khuc Tri, Hop Coc...4

How to perform acupressure treatment for cough

Rub hot oil or essential oil at the acupuncture point; At the same time, perform circular movements, pressing on the acupuncture points with increasing force from light to strong. Time each acupoint for about one minute or until a warming sensation is felt. To achieve high efficiency, we can perform this procedure twice a day in the morning, in the evening or when signs of discomfort appear.

Some common acupressure points in acupressure for cough treatment include:

Huyen Dung Tuyen

Location: The point is located on the soles of the feet, determined at the intersection of the anterior and posterior segments between the 2nd toe and the posterior edge of the heel.

Uses: When performing Dung Tuyen acupressure movements, it will stimulate the acupuncture points to warm up. Thereby supporting blood circulation smoothly, sedating, minus fire damage in the body, improving symptoms of cough, sore throat , especially caused by cold factors...5

Acupressure for cough and what you need to know

Dung Tuyen is a acupuncture point that effectively treats cough and warms the body

Chich Trach Citadel

Location: The point is located on the waste meridian, in the elbow crease, the outer border of the biceps tendon.

Uses: Stimulating the Chi Ze point helps to reduce symptoms in respiratory diseases such as cough, sore throat, asthma, difficulty breathing, etc.

Dark Confucius

Location: The point is located on the junction from the lateral border of the biceps tendon to the radial artery groove, 7 cun above the wrist crease.

Uses: Support respiratory regulation, clear heat, relieve cough, asthma, sore throat, hoarseness ...

Dan Trung

Location: The point is the intersection of the midline of the chest with the 4-5 intercostal space.

Uses: Regulates breathing, relieves symptoms of prolonged cough, chest pain , shortness of breath...

Note: Only moderate force should be used because the acupuncture points are located in a sensitive position.

Auspicious Acupoints

Location of acupoints: Located between the dorsal vertebrae D3 - D4, measured out to the sides, 1.5 cun on each side.

Uses: Tonify lung, regulate ventilation, relieve cough, relieve asthma, ...

Thai Nguyen acupuncture point

Location of acupoint: Located in the groove of the radial artery, above the wrist crease.

Uses: Ventilate, improve cough symptoms, thin sputum, relieve sore throat...

Acupressure for cough and what you need to know

Some acupoints of the Pho meridian have the effect of helping to reduce cough and reduce phlegm

Liem Tuyen Citadel

Location: When the head is raised, the point is located on the 0.2 cun horizontal line of the pharynx, in the middle of the superior border of the thyroid cartilage.

Uses: Improve cough, especially cough with phlegm, dilute sputum, gums and pharynx, relieve sore throat...

After performing the day movement, press Liem Tuyen acupressure point, smooth both sides of the neck from the top down to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.6

Acupressure for cough treatment in the palm of your hand

Besides the acupressure points mentioned above, folk also acupressure on the palm. Specifically the meat pad under the ring finger. This way can help soothe coughs, relieve sore throat, eliminate phlegm, respiratory gums...6

Note when acupressure cures cough

Can acupressure be done at home?

Cough reflexology is quite simple, relatively safe, with little risk. That's why this treatment method can be performed by the patient at home, under the careful guidance of a doctor. .

Note when acupressure treatment for cough

During the procedure

The operator needs to clean his hands and trim his nails neatly to limit the situation of hurting the patient's skin.

Do not use too much force at sensitive points because it will easily cause bruising, redness, and damage to organs under the skin.

Subjects with emergency medical conditions, surgery, bone and joint injuries, skin diseases, ulcers, etc. should not perform this method.

Pregnant women and young children can use reflexology to treat coughs. However, it is necessary to use moderate force to avoid the sensitive position affecting the internal organs and the fetus.

It is recommended to determine the exact location of the specific acupoint to bring about a high cough and sputum reduction effect.

After performing the trick

To increase the effectiveness of cough relief, patients need to keep their body warm, strengthen their resistance with a reasonable lifestyle, and exercise moderately.

Provide and supplement complete nutrition. Give preference to foods that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals to create a strong immune system.

Do not use ice, or take cold showers. Limit exposure to polluted, dusty environments…

The level of response of each patient after performing this therapy may not be the same.

Other oriental medicine methods to help cure cough

Cough medicine

Currently, in addition to acupressure for cough , in traditional medicine, there are also cough therapies from close-up medicinal herbs such as:

In addition, folk have a number of other ways to reduce cough, thin phlegm, laxatives, relieve itching in the throat... Specifically, such as alum sugar, honey ginger tea , etc. Or vegetables such as thick leaves (lemon basil) ), perilla leaves, chives…

Acupressure for cough and what you need to know

Lemon basil (thickened coriander leaves) is a familiar and effective cough medicine

Acupuncture and cough treatment

In addition to the above methods, oriental medicine also recognizes the effects of acupuncture to treat cough. The doctor will perform acupuncture with acupressure formula similar to that of acupressure. At the same time, the doctor can also combine with warm care when there are signs of infection.

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It can be seen that cough is a fairly common symptom in respiratory diseases; should be cared for and treated properly to limit the impact on daily activities. In particular, acupressure for cough treatment is a low-risk method, easy to implement but still effective. However, it is important to understand that this is only a temporary symptom relief. More intensive measures should be combined if the condition is severe or there are organic causes of the disease.