Revealing how to acupressure to treat early gray hair for you

Gray hair is a condition in which the hair color changes from black to white due to many different causes. Usually, when it comes to gray hair, many people immediately think of the aging process that comes with age. However, today, we can see many young people graying their hair very early. There are many treatments available to help with graying of hair. Acupressure for early gray hair treatment is considered a safe treatment method. So how effective is this method? Invite you and traditional medicine doctor Nguyen Thi Le Quyen to learn about acupressure methods to cure early gray hair through the article below.


Gray hair according to the concept of modern medicine

Explain the phenomenon of gray hair

In fact, human hair color is determined by melanocytes called melanocytes. These cells produce melanocytes, the filamentous melanins that give hair its black color. These pigments are a combination of two amino acids in the body, including phenylalanine and tyrosine. Besides, in the hair also contains albumin, this is also an important substance to make hair strong and shiny.

Revealing how to acupressure to treat early gray hair for you

Melanin pigment plays a role in determining the black color of hair

Premature graying of hair occurs when the body stops, does not produce, or does not produce enough melanin. Or the function of albumin is disturbed, leading to rapid graying of hair and loss of original color. In addition, the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair can also destroy the pigment melanin and cause premature graying of hair.1

Causes of premature graying of hair

Little or no melanin pigment in keratin

When the body does not produce enough melanin, the hair will gradually turn gray. The less this amount of melanin, the more gray the hair will be. If gray hair turns completely white, it means that there is no melanin in keratin. This means that the body stops producing melanin.

Prolonged stress

When stress is too much, the body will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to release more noradrenaline. This is a neurotransmitter that moves melanin-producing cells out of hair follicles, causing hair to turn gray.

Smoking / passive inhalation of cigarette smoke

Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals, including nicotine. Smoking regularly can make hair gray quickly and easily fall out . At the same time, smoking a lot is not good for health.

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Genetic factors that cause gray hair

Genetic factors are considered as one of the causes of premature graying of hair. This can also explain some young people appear gray hair very early.

Inadequate diet, especially lack of nutrients

Not eating enough nutrients makes the body not able to synthesize the substances necessary to create strong hair. At the same time, the hair is prone to breakage and graying. In particular, the lack of vitamins, trace elements... and minerals such as zinc or copper also contribute to premature graying of hair.

Suffering from certain illnesses

Pituitary dysfunction , thyroid disease, vitiligo, or chronic anemia.

Revealing how to acupressure to treat early gray hair for you

Diseases like vitiligo can cause premature graying of hair

Some other reasons

Dyeing your hair repeatedly, or using a lot of hair bleaching chemicals, exposes your hair to the sun.1

Gray hair according to the concept of traditional medicine

Hair is the residue of blood. Premature graying of hair may be related to insufficient qi and blood. The cause may be due to a lack of food in the process. This leads to the spleen not creating enough glass essence to nourish the hair. Or because you often have to think a lot, work hard, causing damage to your kidneys. The kidney is the root of the fairy, the kidney is the master of the medulla. Therefore, when the kidney is damaged, it also causes the hair to turn gray quickly. Therefore, only when the body is full and the blood is full, the hair will be black and shiny.2

Effectiveness of acupressure to treat premature graying of hair

Acupressure is a non-drug method of traditional medicine. This is considered a fairly safe measure, so many people apply it.

Acupressure cures gray hair by acting on acupressure points. Thereby, helping to increase circulation to nourish the scalp. Acupressure can help prevent premature graying of hair.

Acupressure stimulates and energizes the scalp and hair follicles. It also improves blood circulation effectively. Thus, helping to stimulate the production of pigments in the hair follicles, creating a balance of color and preventing rapid graying.2

How to do acupressure to treat gray hair early

Indications of acupressure to cure premature gray hair

All cases of gray hair due to age aging. Or can be used to support as well as combine with other treatments if the cause of gray hair is found.

Contraindications of acupressure to treat premature gray hair

Cases of sores - skin infections in the area that need acupressure.

For premature graying of hair due to an established medical cause. The cause should be addressed first. Then use acupressure to help increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Accompanying acute diseases need to be resolved with acute causes before performing acupressure.

Acupoints can be used to help cure premature graying of hair

Fengzhi Acupoints

Location: The point is at the concavity of the medial border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the lateral border of the trapezius, consisting of two points symmetrically across the midline of the cervical spine.

Effect: When acupressure Feng Zhi, will help promote blood circulation from the neck to the head. Thanks to that, it helps to keep the mind awake and clear, and helps to improve gray hair.

Bach Hoi Citadel

Location: The point is located at the concave point right on the top of the head, the intersection of the longitudinal line between the skull and the line connecting the two tops of the ears.

Effect: Day pressing this acupoint helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system. Thereby reducing stress and promoting blood circulation.

Revealing how to acupressure to treat early gray hair for you

Regular Bach Hoi acupressure helps increase blood circulation to nourish hair

Giac Ton Acupoint

Location: The point is located on the highest point of the auricle when bent forward.

Effect: Giac Ton reflexology has the effect of improving blood circulation in the head to help supply blood to the hair.

Huyen Dung Tuyen

Location: The point is determined by flexing the foot and toes. The location of the concavity appears right at one-third of the sole of the foot.

Effects: Acupressure helps to improve the meridian activity of the kidneys, helping to effectively nourish the kidneys.

Note when performing acupressure to treat early gray hair

Cut fingernails short before acupressure to avoid scratching the skin.

Do not do acupressure at skin sores and infections.

When pressing, it is necessary to pay attention to the stimulation force, do not use too strong force.

Need to persevere in implementation, every day should do from 5 to 10 minutes and for many days.

It should be combined with a diet with vitamins and minerals that are good for hair such as zinc, vitamin A , vitamin B ...

This is a method that affects from deep inside, so it cannot be as effective as dyeing hair. Therefore, the patient needs to be patient and not give up halfway.

Revealing how to acupressure to treat early gray hair for you

Adding foods rich in zinc (zinc) besides acupressure helps increase the effectiveness of early gray hair treatment

Other oriental medicine methods to support early gray hair treatment

In addition to acupressure to treat early gray hair, other oriental medicine methods that can be applied in combination to increase the effectiveness of treatment include:

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Hope the above article has helped you better understand the method of acupressure to treat gray hair early . This is a fairly safe treatment. Patients should go to reputable facilities for advice and proper technical guidance. As well as persist in doing it regularly to achieve the best results.