How to handle when men have ruptured testicles

Testicular trauma, also known as testicular rupture (smash) is one of the most common genital injuries in men. These are conditions that cause men to suffer a lot of pain, and even negatively affect their sex drive and fertility. Therefore, we, especially men, should not be subjective and ignore these injuries. Here, we invite you to study with MSc Tran Quoc Phong about testicular rupture in men. In addition, there are a number of measures to handle if encountering the above situation.


What is testicular rupture?


Testicular rupture is damage to one or both testicles in men. Specifically, cases such as: ruptured epididymis, testicular torsion , vas deferens, penile injury ( penis fracture ), urethral injury...

The above cases of testicular contusion are all very serious injuries. Requires patients to be diagnosed, detected early and intervened promptly by doctors specializing in andrology.

The possibility is that it is possible to minimize the unwanted complications caused by the injury. With better luck, the patient can preserve his fertility and sexual ability.

In addition, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, up to 50% of cases of trauma lead to testicular contusion, causing pain in the entire private area, shock, and bruising (accounting for half of the total number of cases). case occurred).

How to handle when men have ruptured testicles

Comparison between a normal testicle and a ruptured testicle


Signs of testicular rupture  include:

  • Bleeding in the genitals.
  • A sharp pain in the scrotum of the testicle .
  • Patients often faint.
  • Starting on the skin of the scrotum, there are clusters of hemorrhagic spots. Next is the bruised scrotum and visible hematoma. Then every day the swelling gets bigger and bigger.
  • However, the patient was still able to urinate normally.
  • In the unfortunate event that the patient has a testicular torsion complication; or other injuries, the pain is getting worse every day. In addition, there is also the scrotum that is painful and palpable, causing the patient to complain of sharp pain.

Causes of testicular rupture

The causes of testicular rupture have been enumerated into the following figures:

  • Accounting for 54% of many causes in sports activities are martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai, football, etc. Specifically, it is due to the strong impact force of the equipment or the opponent's direct attack on the scrotum (bad play in sports). ).
  • Approximately 12% due to traffic accidents or falls.
  • The rate of 16% is due to carelessness (naughty climbing trees or poking animals to bite the scrotum).
  • The remaining 7% are due to being squeezed or injured.
  • More rarely, manual squeezing or cutting during an unstable state of mind (usually in psychiatric patients).
  • A few other reasons such as transgender people unfortunately have an accident during genital surgery. Or explosives (gases).
  • Rarely, trauma to the testicles in newborns during birth.

How to handle when men have ruptured testicles

Football players have a high chance of having problems that lead to testicular rupture

What to do when testicle rupture?

First, early detection of testicular contusion is extremely important. Patients should see a doctor immediately if they suspect they have a testicular rupture based on the symptoms mentioned above.

Do not expect the pain to go away because on the contrary, the condition may get worse, worse. The best and only advice is for patients to go to medical facilities and hospitals for timely treatment.

Do not go by yourself, but ask relatives, family, friends or people around to help take you to a medical facility for timely treatment. Patients should undergo early exploratory surgery when testicular damage is suspected.

How to handle when men have ruptured testicles

Patients should go to the hospital immediately to be treated by doctors when there are signs of suspected testicular rupture

Partially ruptured testicle

For the patient with only one testicle injury. Just like other paired organs in the human body. Although the overall function of the testicles will be impaired; but luckily won't be completely lost.

Because the testicle on the other side can still function independently to compensate for the atrophy or loss of function. If part of the ruptured testicle is removed, there is almost no risk of infertility in the patient. If the ruptured testicle is not removed, the ruptured testicle will atrophy on its own, affecting the other side. Because the testicle atrophied on its own, it became a foreign body (antigen). After that, the human body will make its own antibodies to fight both the atrophic testicle and the healthy testicle.

In addition, for some cases of testicle rupture but not crushed testicular parenchyma, doctors can suture conservatively. But if the testicle is ruptured and the testicle tissue is also crushed, the doctors are required to remove the ruptured testicle; to preserve reproductive function for the other testicle.

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Entire testicle rupture

With the entire testicle contusion, the patient should go to the best and specialized medical facilities for the fertility support unit. Because if both testicles rupture, the ability to produce sperm may be lost. It also means a loss of fertility in men. If both testicles are completely crushed, the doctor can assist the patient to collect sperm and freeze it to help the patient have children later.

Testicular rupture treatment

Testicular rupture is a serious injury. Therefore, determining and evaluating whether surgical or medical treatment should be extremely necessary for a doctor specializing in andrology.

Key principles of treatment of testicular injury

If possible, identify the cause of the patient's injury.

Ultrasound for the patient to evaluate the condition of the testicle and the white capsule of the testicle.

Clinical is always the deciding factor. Don't put too much trust in the ultrasound results.

In case of suspected more serious injury than contusion, early surgery is recommended instead of conservative treatment. Because surgery always preserves testicular function more than conservative treatment.

How to handle when men have ruptured testicles

Depending on the patient's condition, the doctor will recommend the appropriate surgery

Conservative surgery

Doctors should expand the indications for exploratory surgery. However, when dealing with damage to the testicles, try to be conservative.


Depending on the patient's testicular rupture case , the doctor will have a conservative surgery as follows:

  • Make a wide incision in the skin of the scrotum and then carefully stop the bleeding layer by layer.
  • Next is to get rid of all the blood clots and then examine and examine the testicles carefully.
  • In the case of a compact testicle, stitches to stop bleeding of the testicle capsule.
  • If the testicle is partially crushed, only the crushed part should be removed. Next, carefully sew the capsule of the testicle.
  • After that, it is necessary to remove all the blood clots.
  • In case the testicle is completely crushed, surgery is performed .
  • For scrotal wounds, the doctor opens the examination and heals depending on the extent of the damage.
  • For late wounds, drain and use antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.
  • In case of testicular torsion, try to untwist and preserve the testicle. However, if there are signs of necrosis, it must be removed.
  • The testicle is displaced, so quickly fix the testicle to its normal position in the scrotum. Because of the risk of injury to the testicular tissue host because the temperature in the place where the testicle was transferred is not suitable for the testicle.


The crushed tissue should be excised sparingly. Care should be taken to avoid trying to retain testicular tissue and stuffing too much tissue in the white capsule. That increases the pressure and compresses the host testicle tissue.

Internally medical treatment

This method is applicable to mild cases such as a hematoma that is only in a shallow place and does not spread. The treatment is as follows:

  • The patient needs to rest in bed.
  • Bandage and fix the scrotum up high.
  • For patients to use painkillers , anti-edema such as alaxan , efferalgan with alpha chymotrypsin , ...
  • Apply ice to the scrotum. At the same time, use antibiotics if there is a skin tear.

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In short, testicular rupture is really dangerous for the patient. It causes pain and discomfort to the patient. Or even leave complications and unpredictable consequences. Therefore, patients need to detect the condition early and take it to a doctor for timely healing. Hopefully, through the above article, you have had some more ways to deal with testicular contusion. If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact us!