Orchitis can be related and the answer from the doctor

Is it possible to have a relationship with orchitis, if you have orchitis, you should have sex…are the "secret" questions of many men. Orchitis affects the reproductive health and physiological function of men. This includes sex. To learn about this issue, follow the article below of MSc Tran Quoc Phong.


Orchitis overview

Orchitis is a painful swelling of the testicles inside the scrotum. There may be pain in one or both testicles. The cause of the disease may be due to inflammatory factors.

Orchitis is more common in men during puberty or in those who have had unprotected sex. The causes of orchitis are quite diverse. The most common causes are allergies, trauma, bacterial or viral infections that cause mumps. In addition, orchitis can also be caused by causes such as urethritis, prostatitis, etc.

The typical symptom of orchitis in men is discomfort in the scrotum. At first, the symptoms are not clear or mild, so men are often subjective and do not pay attention. However, when the disease progresses, it will cause symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, painful and swollen scrotum, urinary disorders, purulent ejaculation ...

Orchitis can be related and the answer from the doctor


When men have orchitis, it will be difficult for men to have sex. Men can lose sexual pleasure. That's why many men who have this disease often ask the question , can orchitis be related ?.

Orchitis can be related?

If sex is difficult, it will affect many men's lives. Meanwhile, orchitis is a fairly common disease in men. At the same time, it is a disease with many potential risks to men's health.

Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, men should avoid sex. It is best for men to abstain from sex until the disease is completely cured. Because having sex while you're sick can make treatment more difficult, the condition will get worse.

Orchitis can be related and the answer from the doctor

Men with orchitis should avoid sex

Orchitis can be related, the answer is no . If you have orchitis and having sex, you can face dangers such as:

Affects the course of treatment

Men with orchitis should not have sex. Because this will make the treatment process difficult. Especially for cases where the disease recurs, turns to the chronic stage, the risk of disease recurs many times.

Illness can be more serious

In fact, there have been many men with orchitis that have not been cured but have had sex. This made the condition worse. This can be explained because when having sex there will be friction that causes pain to the patient.

Other parts may be affected

Having sex while you have orchitis can also cause the infection to spread to other parts of the body. From there, men can get urethritis , pyelonephritis, prostatitis ...

Infect your partner

Orchitis can be caused by bacteria that attack and cause disease. Therefore, if you have sex while you are infected, there is a chance that the bacteria can be transmitted to the female reproductive organs. From there, women will be at risk of vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, cervical ectropion...

Note when treating orchitis

In addition to the question of whether orchitis can be related , men also ask many questions to the doctor, such as what are the notes when treating orchitis...

In order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment of testicular inflammation, men should also note the following activities:

Don't masturbate

Masturbation with a lot of frequency and vigorous activity will make testicular infection more serious. This operation will damage the testicles. From there, the risk of testicles becomes inflamed, swollen and painful.

Orchitis can be related and the answer from the doctor

Men who masturbate a lot can affect the treatment of testicles

Do not stand or sit for too long

Because standing or sitting for too long will create conditions for bacteria to grow faster. Since then, the swelling and inflammation also become worse. Even doing this can cause the symptoms of the disease to spread to other parts.

Do not wear wet underwear

Wet underwear is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. At the same time, men should also be careful not to wear underwear that is too tight. Because tight underwear will make the inflammation uncomfortable and the infection worse.

What to eat with orchitis?

During the treatment of the disease should abstain from eating hot spicy foods, fishy dishes, foods high in sugar. Instead, you should eat foods that contain a lot of green vegetables, fruits, rich in vitamins ...

In summary, with the question of whether orchitis can be related, men may find it best not to have sex. Besides, testicular disease can also be completely cured if detected in time and with effective care methods.